Winter Elmore Court Wedding Video

After filming at the venue many times, this is the first time we have managed to blog it. What better way to showcase it than by a winter Elmore Court wedding.

Talisa + Adam are two incredibly hilarious people. Banter plays a big part in their lives and you generally feel like migrating to wherever they are. Confident in the knowledge that the best party is right there with them. They brought the sunshine to a winter Elmore Court wedding video.

Elmore Court Wedding Videographer

Elmore Court is a grade II listed mansion, and the tendency is for people to use that as the backdrop for many a portrait shoot. Regular readers will know that we stick our tongues out at tradition. Our weird logic states that we will use a metal grate for a backdrop. Stick with us here. A cold and distant backdrop allows the eye to focus on the vibrancy and fun in the foreground. Why look at the pretty behind when you have the flippin' gorgeous in front of you. No offence to Elmore. We love you. However, we love Talisa + Adam that much more.

We have to reserve special praise for the people involved behind the scenes. HC Brides is a regular to Elmore Court and provided a stunning glow to Talisa's makeup. Likewise, James Fear Photography - the regular to Elmore, not the make up assistance. James' work is stunning and shows just why he is so sought after in the wedding industry. Last but certainly not least is Lily & Sage who provided such a stunning touch to the details and look upon the wedding. It was like tiny touches of magic bringing the decor and styling to life.


“Thank you so much for the gift of this video! It’s so beautiful and I got so emotional watching it. I was at my friends wedding and was already on a high and this just tipped me over the edge.

Thank you for everything and for honestly just being such a lovely addition to our wedding. You were such a delight to work with and so calming and charming and I feel very lucky to have had you there!”

- Talisa {+} Adam

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