Our good friends Neil Redfern and The Crawleys (aka Liam & Bee) are wonderful wedding photographers. Last year they decided last year to create a new wedding photography workshop designed to help those starting out in the wedding photography industry in the North West. It was a big success and this year they came back to do the whole thing again and expand upon their knowledge. You can check out The Redfern + Crawley United wedding photography workshop website for all your curious peeps.

As we are part of a wider community of suppliers in the North West we asked Neil, Liam, and Bee if they’d like a promo film of their workshop. We had some new toys equipment to test, so thought we’d create a little film to try them out on. From our end, it was a privilege to help out with promoting the wedding photography workshop. After all, it gave us the opportunity to try new creative ways of filming and editing in preparation for the new wedding season.

As with every film we create, we wanted the promo to reflect the themes of the workshop and the personalities of Neil and Liam. We know them as very positive and extremely friendly people first and talented wedding photographers second. So we wanted that fun factor to spread into the promo with a fast tempo to the edit and a positive music track to match their personalities. During the initial discussions about the photography workshop, it was clear we would need a couple of models to be the focus of the photographers while we filmed Liam and Neil in action. It was a great pleasure to have the wonderful Lucy and Linz West step in to be photographed for the day. Not only is Lucy a friend of ours too, but she is a darn fine wedding photographer too!

It was an absolute blast filming the wedding photography workshop. We know it will be massive to all the participants who are joint Neil, Liam and Bee. We look forward to doing something creative next year!


Early in April I was lucky enough to be able to join Neil Redfern and Bee and Liam Crawley for their Redfern Crawley United Manchester wedding photography workshop. This was a superb chance to see how wedding photographers at the top of their game really work. There is no substitute for getting out there with your camera and if you can do that with super pros like Neil and Liam to help and advise you, you end up with a fantastic learning experience and some great pictures too! I find it so encouraging to meet successful and talented photographers who are open and generous with their knowledge and really are happy to help others.

Dugun fotograflari

İncredible scene with beautiful architecture..omg..these the wonderful photographs. PERCECT WEDDING!

I just wanted to say a massive thanks again guys, both Neil, Bee, and myself are really appreciative of all your efforts and the resulting film is simply awesome. We love you guys x