Right let’s just start by getting one thing straight from the off. Helen and Rob are a decent looking couple. Ok, they’re good looking. Very good looking. Stupidly good looking. Remember that line in Zoolander when Ben stiller poses the question: “Have you ever wondered if there was more to life, other than being really, really, ridiculously good looking?” – I think he saw Helen and Rob when he wrote it.

However, to just stress this point would be doing a massive disservice to our couple. They are such genuinely lovely people with great big hearts and wonderful caring smiles. We absolutely loved their eagerness to be up for any ideas we had. Case in point, when magic hour was upon us, they left during their starter just so we could capture some pretty under the warm orange glow. Absolute legends for doing this.

Enjoy all the pretty!


Marriage: St John the Baptist Church, Church Road, Windlesham, Surrey
ReceptionThe Barn at Bury Court, Bentley, Farnham, Surrey


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Elizabeth | Bridal Musings

Absolutely beautiful – the couple & the film! And not a blue steel pose in sight, just lots of lovely natural smiles & laughter. Oh & that light is magical!