For their wedding at Thornton Manor, there were many little carefully crafted elements to Claire and Tom’s day which told the little stories of their relationship. The pebble table place names were a connection to the times the two of them spent on the beach walking Claire’s dog Tess. Whereas holding the wedding on a Friday and the fish and chips canapes were a reference to their job where they first met (just don’t tell Claire that Tom was her boss!). These small little touches just enhanced the day and made it theirs. Choosing their wedding at Thornton Manor made sense for these two. The numerous little touches to the building reflected the detail to the day.

These guys are cute together. In fact, you do feel the urge to just go up and hug them every now and then.

As always, it was lovely to return to Thornton Manor once again and it was lovely to work with Dave and Jo from Wirral Photographer.


Marriage: St Agnes Church, West Kirby, Wirral, Cheshire
Reception: Thornton Manor, Thornton Hough, Wirral, Cheshire