We had a fun time creating this Wasing Park wedding film for Sarah and John. It was a day which had just about everything we could have hoped for.

Marriage & Reception: Wasing Park, Wasing Lane, Aldermaston, Reading, Berkshire

The day started with a certain element of chaos (which those of you who know us know we do love a bit of chaos). Sarah and her team were busy prepping all the last minute details of the day before John arrived (it was a very close call). From then on we had a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere where all their friends and family gathered to enjoy the day out in the glorious sunshine.

It was a very emotional day which was very much centred on the close knit family Sarah and John had. It was also very fitting for John’s best man to be shared between his dad and his son. With John’s daughter, Autumn, being a part of the bridal troupe. The love that these guys have for each other was so touching.

For their outdoor ceremony we had beautiful surroundings and the two of them shared such touching vows to each other. We always enjoy it when a couple say words which have come directly from them and not relayed from a registrar or minister. You know that the words have that extra special meaning.

Later towards the evening we were blessed with 10 minutes of the perfect golden light. We grabbed the opportunity along with photographer extraordinaire Guy Collier (who was complete aces to work alongside) and captured some pretty in the sun.

Sarah and John. Totally in love. We hope you enjoy their Wasing Park wedding film.

Here are some more suppliers who helped make the day great:

Electric Violinist: Alive Network

Stunning. Absolutely loved this and a pleasure to work with you both.