Borgo Stomennano Wedding Film | Tuscany

Under the baking sun, Vittoria + Giles were married. Come have a look at their Tuscan wedding film at Borgo Stomennano.

Borgo Stomennano

Built within the beautiful countryside of Tuscany, the ancient location of Borgo Stomennano is a wonderful sight. This is exactly what Vittoria + Giles felt when they came across this marvelous location.
There is a real sense of history here and you can imagine all the stories this place has told. Speaking of stories, here is the one of Vittoria + Giles at their wedding.

After meeting at University these two had an instant connection. This connection would culminate 15 years later when they traveled to Italy to become husband and wife. Italian weddings have a sense of serenity in the morning. The relaxed nature, probably dictated by the temperature, ensures a calmness to the day. Not that Vittoria needed calming in any way. She was here for her big Borgo Stomennano wedding and she was going to enjoy it. Preferably with a glass of champagne in hand.

Giles, on the other hand, was not quite as relaxed due to being a tad warm in his (admittedly awesome) suit. However, as they day went on and the temperature cooled everyone was having a blast.

They are so much fun together. Always giggling when encountering serious moments of life. Must be why we got on with them so well.

It was an absolute joy to film this Borgo Stomennano wedding in Tuscany. Let's do it again soon!

Wedding Vendors
Photographer |Daniela Nizzoli
Florist |Flowers Living
Celebrant |Tuscan Pledges

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