Thornton Manor Wedding Videography

As a regular of creating Thornton Manor wedding videography, our last wedding of 2012 just had to be immense to top off an absolutely awesome year. And it certainly didn’t disappoint. Sasha and Gareth made a great choice in selecting Thornton Manor as their wedding venue, but they exceeded our expectations with just what they had created.


Not only did they select a humanist wedding ceremony (as well as having the traditional civil ceremony), they had it in Thornton Manor’s music room, which just added a massive amount of grandeur to the occasion. There was elegance to the extreme and along with the absolutely beautiful winter light we had creating a magical feeling to the day.

Of course, with the many times we have filmed weddings in Thornton Manor we knew all the possible locations to shoot. The issue for us was in creating a a creative piece of Thornton Manor wedding videography at which offered a different look at the venue. And since Gareth is an architect by profession he had a particular interest in the building like no other. This did present us with a challenge in looking at the character of the building for Gareth and the detail of the wedding for Sasha. Thankfully they moulded together so wonderfully as the fine details on display complimented the Christmas occasion.

It was also great to be able to work alongside our wonderful photographer buddies Chris Mee and Adam Johnson. Their work is awesome. Check out Sasha and Gareth’s photos on their blogs over here!

2012 complete. Thank you to all our wonderful couples who invited us to be a small part of their special day.

Marriage & Reception: Thornton Manor, Thornton Hough, Wirral, Cheshire, UK

Andrew Miller Photography

Love the editing process and style you have go there!

Love the style and editing process you guys have, gorgeous films.

Christie X. Middleton

we LOVE this! What a beautiful bride, gorgeous wedding and fantastic videography!

Priscilla Decker

we LOVE this! What a beautiful bride, gorgeous wedding and fantastic videography!

Magical….never ever seen anything like this!! Can’t stop watching the video…makes me cry ever time!! Beautiful!!

Well done to ReelWeddings….we didn’t even notice you there!!

Thank you so much for making the video so special for Gareth and Sasha…..

Carol and Leigh Jones ( Grooms parents)

Watched over & over again.. Love story that made me cry very emotional..Amazing day & met some amazing people. xxx

I don’t know how you do it. Simply stunning.
And that backlit shot of the bride walking down the aisle is sublime.

John Marcus Arbourne

Fantastic. very moving. It was such a special day for us all to share. Thanks.

Debra Cundle Lazare

It really was this stunning. A magical fairytale wedding. Xx

Def amazing as much as it was on the day.. Love to you both. xx

Amazing !x

Superb Aaron! I dont know you throw together such amazing highlights into the length of a song but still capture the feel and emotion of a whole wedding day. Bravo! Like the song too.

beautiful, film making at it’s very best 🙂