The Byre at Inchyra Wedding Video

Lauren and Rory chose the walled garden for their Byre at Inchyra wedding which had the added bonus of fantastic sunshine. They met in December of 2012. Got married in 2023. It was worth the wait.

Travelling across Asia and Married in Scotland

Rory and Lauren started as co-workers who became friends. However, a spark developed over their love of music, travel, and a shared hatred for working in sales. They embarked on a delightful 5-month adventure in Southeast Asia, savouring the sun and sea. The couple blossomed their relationship on the stunning island of Koh Phi Phi before embarking on a mesmerizing island-hopping journey towards the sea border of Thailand and Malaysia. This experience was the epiphany for Lauren and Rory - it was then they realized that they had an extraordinary bond.

When it was time for the proposal, the initial plan was to be in Peru, gazing over the magnificent Machu Picchu. Unfortunately, the pandemic had other ideas. So, they decided on a trip to Scotland instead, which turned out to be the next best thing. With excitement in the air, they embarked on the North Coast 500 road trip. Rory had meticulously planned everything - from the perfect walk, and breathtaking viewpoints, to a cozy restaurant to celebrate afterward. The only unpredictable element was the Scottish weather, which wasn't looking very promising. But they were determined to make the best of it, come rain or shine! Of course, Lauren said, “Yes”.

Married at the Walled Garden of the Byre at Inchyra

This led us to today, with the now gloriously sunny Scottish weather. Not known for his event timekeeping, Rory was dressed incredibly early to make sure he wasn't late for his wedding. His infectious laugh masked a nervousness as he waited for his bride. Lauren's nerves were equally present, but there was never a need to worry. We had the trusty Sandy conducting their Humanist wedding ceremony - and what a joy he was.

Later on the guests chilled by the fires and enjoyed the champagne. The team at Inchyra thought of absolutely everything the couple would want for the most perfect day. They worked so hard in the lead up and over the weekend to make it all come together for them - they were so accommodating. It's easy to see why so many people say it's the best wedding barn venue they know in Scotland.

The barn itself is deceptively big. And this allowed the large dance floor to be packed with eager revellers to bust some moves. These guys really know how to have fun.

One of the best Scotland barn wedding venues

The Byre at Inchyra is the epitome of the ideal wedding venue in Scotland. Its stunning setting amidst picturesque countryside provides a breathtaking backdrop. From charming gardens to rustic barns, the venue offers a versatile and enchanting atmosphere that can cater to any style or theme. Furthermore, the venue's convenient location, situated just a short distance from Perth and Dundee, allows for easy accessibility for both local and out-of-town guests. From the moment you step foot onto the grounds of the Byre at Inchyra, you can be assured of an unforgettable and truly magical wedding experience in the heart of Scotland.

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Celebrant: Humanist Society Scotland Ceremonies
Photographer: Ashley Coombes Photography
Music: Edinburgh String Ensemble

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