Borthwick Castle Wedding Film

When Maria and Edward envisaged their wedding at Borthwick Castle, they wanted the location to be ideal for their English and Russian families to join together. Creating their Borthwick Castle wedding film for the occasion was incredibly fulfilling!

Situated in the countryside just out of Edinburgh, Borthwick Castle is a gem of Scotland. Built almost 600 years ago, Borthwick Castle possesses a rich Scottish history. It was this gothic romanticism which drew Maria and Edward to want to get married there. Who could blame them!

Borthwick Castle Wedding Videographer

We started this rather cold day with the warm autumn sun hitting the beautiful walls of the castle. Maria had a special affinity to the area as she went to the University of Edinburgh, so the area held an additional dynamic to make the area so special. In the morning, Maria and her bridesmaids arrived and looked stunning in their gowns (Maria in her wedding dress - obviously).
We then headed over to groom central. Edward dressed promptly to greet all their family and friends. Many of which travelled hundreds of miles to see these two get married.

Now for the wedding itself. As she walked down the aisle you could see Maria's radiant smile. From the other side, Edward was in awe and captivated by his impending bride. Creating this Scottish Borthwick Castle wedding film became so much more enjoyable!

Wrapped in each other, the day continued around our couple. So with the sun beginning to set, we went into the woods to grab some portraits. The castle created a perfect backdrop to the proceedings and yet the focus was always on these two. As it should be. The night ended with dancing, laughter, and food. Just how and good Scottish Borthwick Castle wedding film should end. We wish these two the absolute best.

We know it will be wonderful.

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