We love to hear what our couples think about us. Thankfully, our couples are only too happy to leave Reel Weddings a review of their film. All reviews and testimonials were sent to us through email, on google, or Facebook.

Reviews for Reel Weddings

We are speechless!! I cried through all the speeches, I cried through the wedding video, everything is so so beautiful and perfect and wonderful. My cheeks hurt from smiling! We will be eternally grateful for this footage of the best best best day of our lives. From start to finish you guys have been so wonderful, understanding, helpful, responsive, generally wonderful wonderful people. 

Alex {+} Ollie

Reviews for Reel Weddings

You were an absolute blast to work with and we are so thankful we were in such good hands with you both capturing our wedding and making sure we were both taken care of all night! We love the video!! Unreal!! 

Skylar {+} Dylan

Reviews for Reel Weddings

Aaron and Andrea, you are soooooo talented. Thank you sooooo much for such a beautiful and heartwarming and awesome video. We cannot stop watching. Our families are all saying this is the best wedding video they have ever watched. Ever. 

Sawsan {+} Faysal

Reviews for Reel Weddings

I’m beyond happy we decided to go with reel weddings because they managed to capture the feeling of our day so perfectly and elegantly. There are so many videographers to choose out there but Aaron and his team offer such a high quality product for a great price – I couldn’t recommend more! Thank you guys so much!

Melinda {+} Martin

Reviews for Reel Weddings

Awwww the emotion!!! We loved watching the highlights SO much, thank you thank you for sharing this with us!!!! We absolutely love it!! You guys rock!! <3 Really appreciate your editing skills, they are so clever! 

Vicki {+} Luke

Reviews for Reel Weddings

Thank you, Aaron, for the most beautiful memories. The video is such a fantastic way of reminding us of the most touching moments. The video itself was fantastic, romantic, beautiful and touching. Working with Aaron before, during and after the wedding was superb. Aaron is friendly and caring, which really helps during the very stressful period. He and his team were amazing in filming the most important moments, yet not really interrupting any of them. I highly recommend Aaron to anyone who wants to have a relaxing experience and a beautiful reminder of their important day. Our video came to us in a pretty wooden box, with some treats a couple of months after our wedding – such a fancy reminder of our happy day.

Marina {+} Henry

Reviews for Reel Weddings

Thank you, thank you, thank you. It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen! Just wanted to say a huge thank you from Giles and I for the amazing wedding film you produced. Watching it brought us straight back to that day and it’s been so lovely watching our family and friends reactions to it. We absolutely love it! Thank you for everything.

Vittoria {+} Giles

Reviews for Reel Weddings

Couldn’t recommend Reel Weddings enough! Professional and personal experience from first contact onwards and still in touch to this day. We found Reel Weddings by looking through countless wedding videos on YouTube, Instagram etc and we were struck by the beautiful storytelling method used in their featured videos. We were so happy with our Wedding Story, it captures our special day in such a wonderful way and truly tells ‘our’ story! If you are in any doubt about spending that little bit extra for a professional quality wedding video, be rest assured that working with Reel Weddings will alleviate those doubts – their works speaks for itself and you won’t be disappointed.“It brought the whole day back for us and more, thank you so much for what you have created. The story was really out of this world. Exceeded our expectations (and they were high after seeing your previous work) by a long way. You really are a master of your craft and have given us a treasure for the rest of our lives. Your ability to tell our story in such a romantic, sophisticated and beautiful manner means the world to us. Thank you so much from both of us!

Julija {+} Kevin

Reviews for Reel Weddings

The highlight video is just beautiful! 
Thanks for being part of our day and making us feel at ease!! 

Vicky {+} Mark

Reviews for Reel Weddings

“Julian and I just wanted to say a big thank you for the gift box and the videos from our wedding – we’ve watched them so many times and we love every bit of it. It captured the fun and love of the day so perfectly. Plus it’s hysterical that the first bit of speech you hear is my nan’s ‘What does he look like?’ speech!! I still cry every time I see it!”

Samantha {+} Julian

Reviews for Reel Weddings

Aaron! May I just say how amazing the video looked! We were extremely impressed! Thank you!

Alexandra {+} Patryk

Reviews for Reel Weddings

The video moved everyone who has seen it to tears! In terms of creativity – the shots you got, the emotions captured and the narrative put together was such a beautiful reflection of the day! Suffice it so say, hiring Reel Weddings was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding!

Talisa {+} Adam

Reviews for Reel Weddings

There aren’t enough words to thank Aaron and Andrea for capturing our day so beautifully. The video is quite simply, amazing. They were completely and utterly brilliant for the whole day. They arrived smiling, happy and calm and immediately put me and everyone else at ease. Nothing phased them, even when my dad did an impromptu walk around during his speech (sorry Aaron!). He rolled up his trousers (literally) and took his shoes and socks off to get in the freezing estuary to help our photographer, get ‘the’ shot. What a guy!
Everyone who we show the film too (anyone who will let me) is absolutely blown away by it. I’ve watched it more times than I should probably admit to and it still gets me every time.
Asking Reel Weddings to film our day was one of the best decisions we made!

Meg {+} Rory

Reviews for Reel Weddings

Our wedding video is just simply stunning! We couldn’t be happier! You guys have such a talent!!!!

Grace {+} Vince

Reviews for Reel Weddings

Beautiful presentation, so sweet! I had a quick look on my computer at work and it’s just PERFECT!  You have no idea how important this video is.

Maria {+} Ed

Reviews for Reel Weddings

Aaron you were more than just the videographer, you were more like groomsmen, toastmaster, mum reassurer extraordinaire! And to top it all off, we love our video! Can’t thank you enough!! X

Janelle {+} Richard

Reviews for Reel Weddings

The teaser is too much, it brings back so much joy. Our cheeks are hurting like they did on the 28th. 
Thank you for your hard work again, it’s so lovely to have everything captured on film so thank you so much.

Isabelle {+} Rob

Reviews for Reel Weddings

We watch our wedding video nearly every month, and I am strongly considering divorcing my husband just to do it all over again and have these guys capture it.

Kristina {+} Chris

Reviews for Reel Weddings

 We love it thanks so much!!

Kate {+} Sammi

Reviews for Reel Weddings

There are no second chances to capture your wedding day. For us, it was important to know that we’d picked the right team and were in safe hands… Reel Weddings delivered 100%!!! A pleasure to deal with, professional on the day and a video that will keep our dream day alive for many years to come. Don’t think twice, book them!!!

Gabriella {+} Jamie

Reel Weddings testimonial

The film is stunning – I love that it’s just 7 minutes (so not too boring for others to watch), it uses music thoughtfully and the way the shots match up with what is being said is clever and subtle. I’ve lost track of how many people said it was the best wedding video they’ve ever seen. Thank you Reel weddings for helping us remember our favourite day!

Lauren {+} Steve

Reviews for Reel Weddings

We absolutely love the wedding video! The reception at the two HK events, especially on that monster LED screen in the evening banquet, was electric.  I don’t think anyone in the audience had seen a wedding video quite like yours.  The cinematography style and the rhythm you adopted was great and the overall tone and mood was perfect.

Joyce {+} Gus

Reel Weddings Northbrook Park

We definitely chose the best videographers. Your humour, calmness, creative eye for detail and focus really helped to keep both me and Erica calm on the day, not to mention how patient you were… oh and how can I forget those dance moves 😜

Erica {+} Robert

Reel Weddings London

Amaaaazzzziiiiinnngggg! I absolutely love it. It’s amazing and very funny. There are some epic shots. The confetti was a bit mental! Haha. I should have realised they would be a bit aggressive when they were used on X factor, not weddings! Really love it x

Kat {+} Anand

Reel Weddings testimonial

My husband and I hired Reel Weddings to film our wedding in Herefordshire. They were responsive before and after the wedding, discrete on the wedding day, and produced a wonderful film for us to look back on forever. We would highly recommend hiring them.

Sarabeth {+} Mark

Reel Weddings filmed our destination wedding in Ibiza in summer 2017 and we couldn’t have been happier with the entire process. They truly understand people and tailors to their clients, always maintaining his certain style. In regards to the final product…we could not have been HAPPIER with our wedding video. I briefly mentioned what I wanted to him and he made our video better than we could have imagined. We had so many compliments and tears from our friends and family as well. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone! Overall, great people to work with and we highly recommend Reel Weddings!  

Camille {+} Alber

“We have watched it over and over again and have been SOBBING with happy tears. It’s incredible thank you so much for capturing it the way you did. We couldn’t be happier with it!”

Kiki {+} Jonathan

That is amazing mate! You’ve set the wife off with the tears again haha. We love it. Mission well and truly completed.

Laura {+} Daryl

It’s stunning! Brought us right back to the island, surrounded by our dear friends and family! What an amazing start to the day!!! We absolutely love it! Wish we could go back already!

Anna {+} Andrew

These are awesome comments from our amazing couples. We are so grateful for them leaving us at Reel Weddings a review.