Our Films

For us, the key to great wedding cinematography is to produce a compelling story of your day. We capture all the details that make your wedding completely unique and personal, then edit it carefully so you can re-live all the emotion. This is why we take pride in calling ourselves film makers rather than the traditional wedding videographer.

With a traditional wedding video the result was akin to CCTV footage, and it was only slightly less painful to view than watching the UK compete in the Eurovision Song Contest (my guilty pleasure). We grew up watching films and like to think we can do a bit better than this! As such our style is to approach the day as if we are one of your guests – which we really are in essence. We don’t control the day or manipulate it into something it’s not, and as such we want to represent you in your wedding film: a true reflection of the laughter, tears, joy and excitement you experience on your day.

Do have a look around and get a feel for what we do and if you have something specific in mind or just wish to find out more then we’d love or hear from you. If you wish to discuss some of the intricacies of your wedding day in more detail then we can be available on Skype/Facetime, or even the good ole ‘dog and bone’.