Modern London Restaurant Wedding at the Fable 

London has such an eclectic selection of wedding venues, and being a London wedding videographer has brought us to many of them. However we were delighted when Janelle and Richard asked us to film their modern London restaurant wedding as we had such a fantastic time filming this one.

Back when we filmed Amanda and Ediz’s wedding a few years ago Janelle and Richard were in attendance. Thankfully they felt we did a decent enough job that they asked us to capture theirs in London. God, we love London. Thankfully these guys felt the same. We started the day with the worst cup of coffee looking outside to a fantastic view of St. Paul’s. With all the black cabs and London buses driving underneath it was like London was on steroids. The hair and makeup were being applied, brushed, and sprayed to all the ladies in attendance. We were thankfully joined by the wonderful Dasha who was photographing her last London wedding. Of course we were thankful she was to do it with us.

Then we headed over to Haberdashers' Hall where Richard was visibly excited at meeting his bride. On such a warm day the building provided the shelter for the two to cooly state their vows. Marriage complete and confetti thrown, we headed to The Fable

The Fable Wedding Venue

Having a modern London restaurant wedding is quite new for us. However it does appear to be growing more popular in and around London. After Janelle and Richard’s wedding it is easy to see why. The Fable in London is a cool place tucked in Holborn. Providing us with great footage of bridges, buildings, buses, and blue sky. Yes, I was totally aiming for the alliteration hat trick just then. The inside itself has that cool London vibe you just can’t replicate outside the city. 

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