Mazagan Beach Resort and Marrakech through an iPhone

Last month we visited Morocco, a wonderful place with some truly wonderful people. Our destinations were the amazing Mazagan Beach Resort and Marrakech.

Now, we absolutely love to travel. The joy of visiting new and exciting destinations and speaking to the people living there is an amazing experience. We are fortunate that our job takes us to these different places. And we love it. We also love a challenge, so armed only with our iPhone X and Samsung S8 we decided to document our stay here with our kids.

Yes, you read that correctly, all this was taken with a mobile phone. 

Many couples come to hosts their wedding at the Mazagan Beach Resort, and it's understandable why. With a beautiful beach on the doorstep and multiple activities to get involved in, it is a relaxing place to bring your families together. While we never got to see a wedding at Mazagan Beach Resort, it's obvious that the couple will looked after by the excellent staff and surroundings.

Searching for new experiences and ideas is something which has driven us for ages. However taking us out of our comfort zone by not taking our DSLRs was something we needed to do. To give us a fresh perspective on how we can see things differently and capture them differently. Thankfully, the iPhone X and Samsung S8 have amazing cameras within them, but they are much more portable when you have two energetic children in tow!

What an amazing time we had at Mazagan Beach Resort and Marrakech. The people and places were simply unforgettable. We are already planning our next trip. Mainly because the kids have developed a taste for bartering in the souks!

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