Manning Park Wedding Videography in Vancouver | Karen {+} Aaron

Manning Park Wedding Videography in Vancouver

We’ve always wanted to film a wedding in the snow. Turns out we had to fly all the way to Vancouver in order to achieve this.

Story of the Day

Vancouver is one of our favourite cities, and a place we visit every couple of years. However we’ve not really had an opportunity to travel to the mountains and forests on the outskirts. This was until we travelled to Manning Park to film Karen and Aaron’s wedding. Now you have to understand the difficulty in creating some Manning Park wedding videography while trying to keep your equipment warm. Turns out that our batteries would drain in no time at all in the colder environment!

Anyway upon arriving at Manning Park, we were able to roam freely and take advantage of what this fantastic place had to offer. Most of the family arrived a few days earlier and were treated to a wonderful pre wedding party where the guests were encouraged to dress in the cultural attire (Indian or Norwegian).  It was the perfect occasion to bring the two families together to celebrate the cultural event which was to follow.

When the wedding day arrived we had the lovely Faye Smith on make up and hair keeping all the ladies relaxed and enjoying themselves. We also had the wonderful Simply Rose photographing the occasion. Once the emotional ceremony was complete, the couple were whisked away to further snow to continue for some portrait fun. This whole Manning Park wedding videography experience was a delight from start to finish.