Lost Orangery Wedding Video in Wiltshire

Kate and Sammi informed us that they would be wanting a Lost Orangery wedding video in Wiltshire. It sounded very much like a whole lot of crazy. Then we saw the place.

Euridge Manor Wedding

Kate and Sammi got in touch with us after we filmed the wedding of Kirsty and Vern (Kirsty was also a bridesmaid for this day). Kate spoke about wanting her wedding to be at an outdoors event with fresh air and flowers around. For me growing up around this kind of environment, it sounded like a homecoming. However, I never realised that this place existed or what it offered. It was simply enchanting. Known as the Lost Orangery at Euridge Manor, it was set within 500 acres of private grounds surrounded by woodland, a valley and boating lake, all bound by a crumbling castle. It was the kind of location you could only dream of.

In the morning Kate was all smiles and that smile never left her face all day. Everyone was so relaxed and happy to be a part of this wedding.

Then the morning hit a snag as I found out Sammi was a Bristol City fan. Such a shame. Luckily he was a fantastic guy in spite of this 😉

The Wild Bluebell in Bristol supplied the fantastic floral arrangements and the always wonderful Albert Palmer joined us to lend his creative eye to this Lost Orangery wedding in Wiltshire.

It was such a memorable day and one in which the Hollywood actor Will Smith made an appearance. He was very quiet though.

We wish these two all the very best as they look forward to spending the rest of their lives together as husband and wife.

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