Ibiza Wedding Video at La Escollera | Laura {+} Daryl

Ibiza Wedding Video at La Escollera

We have been filming weddings each year in Ibiza since 2013. However, we have never filmed at the same venue more than once. So La Escollera offered us yet another opportunity to create an Ibiza wedding video. That magical island in the Balearics keeps on offering us new and wonderful venues to film.

Story of the Day

It was Daryl who reached out to us first when planning his wedding in Ibiza. And he laid out for us his connection to the island.

Ibiza is a very special place for me, back when I was 24, I was at a bit of a crossroads with my life. The usual stuff, not sure what I wanted to do in terms of a career etc. So 2 friends of mine convinced me to head out to Ibiza for the summer season. There is something about the place that took my heart. Helped me see that there was a big wide world out there, helped me find my confidence and meet some amazing people along the way. I followed up that season in 2009 with another 4 after that. Ibiza is also very important to Laura, having been on holiday there the best part of 7/8 times.

Ibiza Wedding Videographer

Such a love for Ibiza means an emotional connection was on the cards as well. And boy did it deliver. Daryl had to fight the tears back as his gorgeous future wife walked up to the aisle to join him. La Escollera has a unique feature on Ibiza in that the aisle is a distance from the main building out to the sea. So that long walk for Laura must have punctuated the emotion for Daryl. Thank goodness Carly from Your Day Ibiza was on hand to conduct the ceremony in style.

On photography duties for this La Escollera wedding was the lovely Rachel from RM Creative. It is so nice to meet photographers whom we have never worked with before. And as Rachel has known Laura for over 10 years she was able to add a personal touch on her side.

Finally, what rocks an Ibiza wedding video than a saxophonist blasting out to all the latest and classic Ibiza tunes while the guests danced the night away. It's always a party in Ibiza. These two are part of the reason why.

"That is amazing mate!"

"You’ve set the wife off with the tears again haha. We love it. Mission well and truly completed."

- Laura {+} Daryl

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