Planning a wedding in Richmond

When you had to move the date (and venue) of your wedding three times, you can understand wanting to give up. However, when you have a large enough back garden it makes perfect sense to have to move it all closer to home. That's exactly what Ewa and Adam did for their very own wedding in Richmond.

One question we have for our couples is why they choose a specific location to get married. Does the place have a specific emotional significance? Some choose to get married near to where they go on holiday. And somewhere they grew up. So it’s not often we film at a location where the couple already lives, and this carried a special resonance to be invited (literally) into their lives. These two are so wonderful together and they complement each other perfectly. Not only that, but they brought together their respective children so comfortably into the fold and they all get on so well.

Richmond Wedding Videographer

One of the major benefits of having your wedding in Richmond is the proximity to the glorious Richmond Hill. The place is vast and is often used for TV and film locations, so we just HAD to take advantage of this place. After Ewa and Adam spoke their vows to each other, off we went! The area is a perfect spot for natural moments, and these two certainly made the most of the opportunity together. These two are just so natural in front of the camera!

A special mention must go to Alexa Penberthy for being such an amazing photographer to work alongside. Her style of photography complements our own approach and leads to a great working environment for the two of us. And, I can't wait to work with her again. Come have a look at this wonderful wedding in Richmond and we wish Ewa and Adam a wonderful future together. We forward to our next wedding in Richmond.

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