Fun London Wedding at MC Motors

It's always wonderful seeing a friend get married. It's even better when your friend asks you to film their London wedding at MC Motors!

We first met Kat while at university and even shared a house for a year afterwards. It's the stories you know of each other during this time that make you come to respect each other more. Kat has been saying to us for a while that "when I get married, you HAVE to film my day". I'm not entirely sure if we had any say in the matter!

MC Motors Wedding Videographer

There are three things which are important to Kat and Anand; friends, family and fun. Lots and lots of fun. So when she mentioned her reception was at the MC Motors in London, we knew it was the perfect fit for the two of them. We started the day at the London St Pancras Renaissance Hotel, which we had only been to a couple of weeks prior. It's great to visit these incredible London wedding venues and we enjoyed another for their ceremony at St Stephens in Hampstead. A massive confetti display at the close of their ceremony then lead us by the traditional red London bus to the MC Motors. Anybody who has visited this venue knows that it is perfect to create your own personality within the walls. Therefore, we had glitter, a champagne tower, and an inflatable unicorn. THIS IS PERFECTLY NORMAL!

We soon found out that the lovely Sansom Photography was not only photographing the wedding, but they also shot their engagement session in Ibiza. It is always wonderful to work with these two and we hope to do so again soon. In the meantime, you can see the wonderful images they captured over here.

It was extraordinary seeing our friend get married and we wish them all the very best in the world.

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