Fun Jewish Wedding at The Grove Hotel

It's always amazing to see new people and new places. Indeed, it's a big part of what we love about our job. So it was a blast to film this fun Jewish wedding at The Grove Hotel. Come have a look at all the fun. It's total fun fun fun.

One of the things we love about filming Jewish weddings is the difference between the atmosphere of the morning with the evening. One being a picture of serenity while the other is a crazy melting pot of energy and mayhem. This day was no different.

Once gabs and Jamie were ready it was time for them to both head on over to The Grove. Now being a luxury hotel in Hertfordshire, it managed to offer a great amount of space for the friends and family to gather. And make use of this space they did. It allowed everyone to enjoy the gorgeous weather while Jamie was enjoying his Tisch. Once the ceremony was finished Jamie moved on to the bedeken where he met his soon-to-be-bride.

Once the ceremony had finished we saw what a real fun Jewish wedding at the Grove Hotel could be. Every single Jewish wedding we have filmed has never failed us on this matter. The Israeli dancing is an absolute blast and not a single person leaves without a smile on their face. It's always a pleasure to create a Jewish wedding video and it was a pleasure to do so for Gabs and Jamie.

Wedding Vendors
Photographer |Blake Ezra Photography
Florist |Funky Flowers
Venue | The Grove Hotel
Event Production |Extreme Production Group
Musicians | Avenue 10
Banqueting | Jason Millan

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