A Perfect Filipino Wedding for this Richmond Venue

Every Richmond wedding venue is blessed with beautiful surroundings. So we had an amazing time filming this wonderful Filipino wedding for Veronica + Joey. These two are so cute together.

We've been very used to working within tight timeframes over the years. Delayed brides, traffic, and rushing to catch the last burst of golden light in the evening are regular challenges for us. However, we've never had to contend with filming a wedding a day before they became an area was shut down!

Veronica and Joey had originally planned to have a traditional Filipino wedding back in the Philippines. That was until Covid scrapped those wishes. Not deterred by this, they set about having the best time with their carefully curated (and legally allowable) selection of 13 friends. Besides, their choice of having a Richmond wedding venue was ideal for the serene and intimate occasion. So much so that even the sun shone all day for us.

Catholic Ceremony in Kingston-Upon-Thames

As their Catholic faith is very important to the two of them, Veronica and Joey were married in the glorious St. Agatha’s church in Kingston-Upon-Thames. I always find it strange to see such a big building with a small wedding, as most Catholic weddings are big family affairs. Despite this, the couple radiated love as they spoke their vows in front of their closest friends.

After the ceremony and all the congratulations, we headed off for some lovely portrait action aboard the traditional London bus. I never tire of these when in London.

Richmond Wedding Venue

The couple chose the Bingham Riverhouse for their wedding venue. And it's not hard to see why when you look out the back at the view of the Thames. So stunning. So we had the perfect location to pop outside for some (socially distanced) portrait opportunities. One of the main areas of focus was in the delicious cake Vaani from Sugar Plum Bakes made - amazing. Joining us for the wedding was the lovely Lucie from the Unscripted Collective, and she was a delight to be around. So be sure to check out some of her work from the day over on her blog. After you read this, obviously.

As the evening drew near we had the fun of outdoor dancing and sparklers. And, as people who know me know, this is always the best way to end a wedding. So we hope Veronica and Joey have an amazing marriage together. Also, you two were amazing.

"thank you so much for being part of our wedding."

Thank you so much! We love it. No words for the film. It is everything we’ve asked for and most likely even more. Will surely leave a wonderful review and recommend you to others as much as possible.

- Veronica {+} Joey

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