Escheat Farm Wedding Video | Humanist Outdoor Wedding

It's wonderful when you come across couples who are so chilled. That's exactly what we had for our Escheat Farm wedding video.

It's always great to see a couple make their mark on their wedding day. It really gives you an insight in their personalities. Some opt to follow a traditional structure with personalised tweaks, while some like to thrown the rulebook out the window. Alex + Ollie veered more towards the latter. From walking side by side up the aisle at the start of their ceremony, to not troubling themselves with cake cutting and a first dance. It adds a freshness to the proceedings.

Humanist Wedding Ceremony

Speaking of the ceremony, it was wonderful to once again meet up with Zena Birch, a deal wonderful human and fab humanist celebrant for weddings. It had been TOO LONG since we last worked with her.

Same too with the awesomeness of Jordanna Marston - a photographer who is amazing to hang out with and can take a cracking piccy at the same time. Perfection!

Now back to Alex + Ollie! After the ceremony ended, they spent the rest of the day doing what they especially love doing - hanging out with their friends and family and having an enormous amount of fun. The best way to spend your wedding day.

Sadly we later found out that the venue stopped hosting weddings. So we hope you enjoy the last Escheat farm wedding video you will see.


“I cried through all the speeches, I cried through the wedding video, everything is so so beautiful and perfect and wonderful. My cheeks hurt from smiling! We will be eternally grateful for this footage of the best best best day of our lives. From start to finish you guys have been so wonderful, understanding, helpful, responsive, generally wonderful wonderful people. I wish we could go back and do it all over again, you caught everything so perfectly and it’s just all beautiful. The package you sent is also so lovely!!”

- Alex {+} Ollie

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