Have you ever met a couple who fell in love while killing zombies? Lauren and Steve did, and they cemented that love when they had their  East Lothian wedding in North Berwick.

Ok, perhaps I have to explain. While the zombie apocalypse hasn’t happened just yet, it was while sharing a house and playing on the PS3 that Lauren and Steve bonded over destroying an undead horde. It’s just my kinda romance.

The whole day had multiple different aspects of their personalities intertwined throughout. From the various cameras scattered (Steve’s job) to the inclusion of fire as a theme (sharing romantic bonfire evenings together). This was accentuated by the music performed by their band Mister Kanish which we just had to use at the start of their film. Any zombie game aficionados out there will have noted the other music choice as well.

North Berwick was such a beautiful place to hold their wedding which enabled Lauren to return to the place of her birth and it left an unforgettable memory of the entire day. I’m willing to bet there hasn’t been a wedding in North Berwick like it.