Cowley Manor Wedding Videographer

There are so many things which drew our love to being this Cowley Manor wedding videographer. Lucy and James enjoy the same level of inter-couple banter that Andrea and I also share and their close circle of friends made them all the more appealing. It was a day filled with the funnies 🙂 What else could you expect when the nickname given to the alter ego of James is ‘Captain Fun’?!?!

Story of the Day

Not only was this Cowley Manor wedding a completely ace venue to film at (traditional and eclectic all rolled into one), but the staff were very friendly and helpful throughout the day. This is exactly what we love to see! Hopefully we will get the chance to go back there soon. Another person we would love to get the chance to see again is the photographer David Long. David was really nice and fun to work alongside. No egos or power trips, just a good honest and talented bloke. Plus he had a rotten cold the whole day and still had a smile on his face. Top man.

Awesome couple (tick), fab venue and staff (tick), great crew of friends and family (tick and tick), lovely photographer (tick).

Big heaps of fun and love. Enjoy.


Marriage & Reception: Cowley Manor, Cowley, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire