A Cotton Beach Club Wedding Video in Ibiza

Cotton Beach Club Wedding Video in Ibiza

We have visited some beautiful places over the years. And all this spare time during lockdown has allowed us to catch up on some much needed blogging. So let me show you this rather cracking wedding video in Ibiza at the Cotton Beach Club.

Story of the Day

We've always maintained that it's best that we match our own personalities so encourage the same with our couples. So we always love it when they go into detail.

"My fiancé Alber actually planned a surprise trip to Ibiza (we live in Barcelona now) and he proposed there last year so the island is very special to us which is why we decided to get married there! Since my family is flying from American and Peru, and his family is from the South of Spain, we figured it would be a good location for a nice destination wedding."

Cotton Beach Club Wedding Videographer

Camille was so enthusiastic when watching our films. She especially loved our destination wedding in Turkey and Kole + Renee's day. We were exactly who she wanted for her Cotton Beach Club wedding in Ibiza. Speaking of the Cotton Club, this wedding venue in Ibiza has that chilled vibe that is perfect for watching a gorgeous sunset. It was one of the areas which sealed the deal for Camille and Alber to get married there. The location has such outstanding beauty looking out to the Mediterranean sea. No wonder this place is one of Ibiza's more popular wedding venues.

Camille and Alber, thank you for inviting us to your Cotton Beach club wedding. I hope this wedding video in Ibiza is something you continue to cherish forever.

"we could not have been HAPPIER with our wedding video!"

“We can’t thank you enough for the most amazing video ever that you’ve put together with us!”

We just watched the video though with a glass of wine and OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! It is absolutely amazing. You made EXACTLY what I was wanting, and I know ours was tough, but thank you SO SO MUCH! We love love love it!"

- Camille {+} Alber

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