Chinese Wedding at Babington House

I really wanted to share this Bqabington House wedding video with you all. From their home in Hong Kong, Joyce and Gus made the decision to have their Chinese wedding at Babington House in Somerset. The moment they made that call they set about planning their day with all the logistical difficulties that entailed. All in a bid to treat their family and friends to an unforgettable experience.

Babington House in Somerset

Babington House is such a wonderful place and it is easy to see why the couple chose this particular location. This exclusive English wedding venue requires something special to happen each time and that did indeed happen. With the amazing Chinese wedding games before following with the traditional Chinese tea ceremony. The Games are always amusing and this one knocked it out of the park with the funnies. I'm not sure we can look at a banana the in same way again! The church and reception were adorned with wonderful floral arrangements by the fantastic people at Flowers by Passion. It really did take our collective breaths away!

A great deal of happiness came when we knew that we also managed to work alongside Paul Rogers Photography once again. It has been a few years since we last met and we are always astounded by the images he captures in his relaxed documentary photography style. Please do be sure to check out his images on his blog over here.

We always expect a few outfit changes during Chinese weddings, and the couple looked amazing during every one of them. However don't let the gloss fool you into thinking it was a tame affair. When the lights went down and the party started, everyone was all good to get down and strut their stuff on the dance floor. What an awesome evening!

So, from their Chinese wedding at Babington House to their Chinese wedding in Hong Kong. They required their wedding highlights film to be shown at their Hong Kong wedding, as it was to be shown on a 40 foot screen. So I would say that our first Chinese wedding at Babington house was a success. Let's hope we get to do it again. We wouldn't say no to film a Hong Kong wedding as well 😉

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