Anstey Hall Wedding Film

It’s easy to fall a little bit in love with these two. We did and made their Anstey Hall Wedding film to prove it.

Story of the Day

It’s not often that you film the wedding of a Milky Bar Kid, and no, Michael did not dress up on the day. It’s also never happened in which we have a bride who has been excited to receive a pineapple-shaped lamp for their wedding gift. Yep. That happened.

So much of this day had that kitsch feeling with all the details Kirsty utilised. Their house normally had lots of retro bits and bobs so they wanted their wedding day to reflect the same.

What we do have is two people who are incredibly in love with each other and surrounded by their wonderful family and friends. Photographing the day is the absolutely lovely Lina and Tom who were a joy to work alongside.

Ceremony: St. Mary and St. Michael Church , Trumpington, Cambridge
Reception: Anstey Hall, Maris Lane, Trumpington, Cambridge

“It is so incredible I could die!!!!”

I managed to keep the tears (sort of) at bay on the day but you’ve broken me now!  Mike has to wait until 10pm to watch it, the anticipation might kill him. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!

Kirsty {+} Michael