Wedding Highlights at Packington Moor | Christie & Aaron

Sun, sun, sun. We had SUN!

Ok, now that’s out the way, Christie and Aaron had their wedding at the fab Packington Moor which was a lovely little place full of great locations to capture awesome footage.

The day was such great fun. Christie’s bridesmaids and Aaron’s ushers were all such a great laugh and provided pure funnies. Oh, and to think that the tone of the day could have been sooo different. The day before the wedding Christie’s dad was unfortunately involved in a car accident. Thankfully he made a good recovery to attend and give a lovely speech.

What was a little weird was that as Christie and I had been communication quite a bit on Twitter before her wedding, I kinda looked at her as a little sister. This pretty much meant I teased her constantly a little bit through the day. No pity should go her way however, as her mocking of my accent meant she was up for a bit of banter.

Enjoy you lovely people 🙂

– Aaron

Marriage & Reception: Packington Moor, Lichfield, Staffordshire

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