Wedding Highlights at Hoghton Tower | Claire & Alex

May of our couples have a theme in mind for their wedding day at Hoghton Tower. Claire and Alex took inspiration from their own transatlantic romance to create a New York inspired wedding day. From the food (mini corn dogs and burgers – yum), to the transport (yep, that yellow cab). Their day was complimented by a gorgeous vintage wedding dress worn by Claire.

They chose the awesome Hoghton Tower for their wedding venue and despite the buckets of rain we encountered on the day, fun was continually had by all. Although there was the odd moment where we thought Claire would do a Mary Poppins on us with the heavy gusts of wind!

These guys are super-cute together and you can’t help but smile when you see them interacting. Oh, and journalists make awesome best-men speeches. Fact.

– Aaron

Marriage: Christ Church Heaton, Chorley New Road, Bolton, Lancashire
Reception: Hoghton Tower, Houghton, Lancashire

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