Thornton Manor Wedding Film Highlights | Laura & Paul

Getting a little bit emotional at weddings is a common occurrence for many people attending them. We are not immune to the effects of welling up either. For this Thornton Manor wedding film, beware. You may cry.

For us when our brides shed a tear, it is really touching. When the groom cries, we feel a real lump in our throat. What smacked us with an emotional tonne of bricks at Laura and Paul’s wedding happened at the end of the best men speeches. As is quite normal with the groom’s side, there was much jocularity. So it was the massive surprise to us when the tone shifted from jokey to emotional to catch us off-guard.

There was a great enthusiasm in the morning. It was a lovely day and champagne was flowing freely! Laura and Paul are such a lovely couple and their families had such a wonderful time.

Keen eyes among our regular blog readers will note that we were once again creating a Thornton Manor wedding film. We practically live at the place 🙂

– Aaron

Marriage: St Clare’s Church, Arundle Avenue, Liverpool, Merseyside
Reception: Thornton Manor, Thornton Hough, Wirral, Cheshire

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