Holly & Martin | Rudding Park wedding video

Rain is the one of the main things a couple dread on their wedding day, and for some it can affect their enjoyment of their day. Holly and Martin didn’t follow this convention. They were going to have a blast for their Rudding Park wedding video no matter what the weather was. Come rain or shine, all that mattered to them was that their guests would have a blast and that they would end the day as husband and wife. All of these things came to fruition.

To make the day more quirky, they had a VW campervan to take them from the church and their wedding tables were adorned with those childhood things that we all know, like those polystyrene flying glider planes and action men on parachutes. Did we have a play with them ourselves? We’re not gonna sayicon wink Holly & Martin | Rudding Park wedding video

Anyway, enjoy this lovely little Rudding Park wedding video.


Marriage: Shelley Emmanuel Church, Huddersfield Road, Shelley, West Yorkshire
ReceptionRudding Park, Follifoot, Harrogate, North Yorkshire

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