London Wedding Highlights at the Battersea Arts Centre | Jenefer & MattLondon Wedding

Creatives make immense weddings. Fact. Come to think of it, we haven’t created a London wedding video like this before.

Jenefer contacted us in October and enticed our interest with the line “We would really love you to be there and feed you fish and chips and mulled wine and mince pies”. We were sold at this point. And the our inbox was hit with a bunch of emails detailing just what they had in store for their day…….

To describe all the intricate and quirky wedding details on this little blog post is a disservice to Jenefer and Matt. You can view and listen to the details of what happened in their film below, but there was so much more detail than can be told in this short story of their London wedding. One of the main elements to this day was that a huge amount of time, energy, and creativity was contributed by their friends…..for which they have many to help out decorate the Battersea Arts Centre (an awesome London wedding venue). Upon meeting Jenefer and Matt, you will understand why they have so many people around who were eager to help out on the day. There is a warm and childish glee you feel with these two. Their friends feel it. We felt it. In fact, we’re willing to bet just about anyone who watches this film will feel it too.

A huge thank you to Frances from Reel Love Films for helping us out on this London wedding video. It’s always a pleasure and I know she’s been eagerly awaiting to view it 🙂


Marriage & Reception: Battersea Arts Centre, Lavender Hill, Battersea, London

PS. Yes, you weren’t seeing things. That is Jenefer’s dad wearing a Star Trek uniform. The man is a HUGE Star Trek Fan. When Jenefer and Matt got engaged her dad asked what he should wear. They said wear what you like…….so he did.

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