It’s easy to fall a little bit in love with these two. We did.

Ceremony: St. Mary and St. Michael Church , Trumpington, Cambridge
Reception: Anstey Hall, Maris Lane, Trumpington, Cambridge

It’s not often that you film the wedding of a Milky Bar Kid, and no, Michael did not dress up on the day. It’s also never happened in which we have a bride who has been excited to receive a pineapple-shaped lamp for their wedding gift. Yep. That happened.

What we do have is two people who are incredibly in love with each other and surrounded by their wonderful family and friends. Photographing the day is the absolutely lovely Lina and Tom who were a joy to work alongside.

When Kay contacted us two years ago she enthused that she wanted us to create their wedding film at Northbrook Park – just as soon as she decided on a wedding date!

Ceremony & Reception: Northbrook Park, Farnham, Surrey

In her opening line on her email to us, Kay left us a bit gobsmacked when she wrote “Sam and I have been engaged for 2 months now so the planning has only just begun, we haven’t settled on a venue or even a date yet, but the one thing we do know for sure is that we would love to have you there to capture the day.” How could we possibly resist!

We have been looking forward to this wedding for such a long time now. Kay informed us that the day was going to be a fusion of their English and Zambian heritages with lots of singing, dancing and vibrant colours. The fantastic Bloomingayles provided the most stunning flowers for the day – many of which I had never seen at a wedding before, and all with the help of the lovely and talented Sama from Utterly Wow to tie things together.

It was such a pleasure to have been able to create their wedding film at Northbrook Park. Kay and Sam are two very special people and we wish them the very best for their future together.

Have you ever met a couple who fell in love while killing zombies? Lauren and Steve did, and they cemented that love when they had their wedding in North Berwick.

Ok, perhaps I have to explain. While the zombie apocalypse hasn’t happened just yet, it was while sharing a house and playing on the PS3 that Lauren and Steve bonded over destroying an undead horde. It’s just my kinda romance.

The whole day had multiple different aspects of their personalities intertwined throughout. From the various cameras scattered (Steve’s job) to the inclusion of fire as a theme (sharing romantic bonfire evenings together). This was accentuated by the music performed by their band Mister Kanish which we just had to use at the start of their film. Any zombie game aficionados out there will have noted the other music choice as well.

North Berwick was such a beautiful place to hold their wedding which enabled Lauren to return to the place of her birth and it left an unforgettable memory of the entire day. I’m willing to bet there hasn’t been a wedding in North Berwick like it.

We can never complain about our job. It takes us to wonderful places and we get to meet wonderful people. This Cas Xorc wedding in Mallorca was something else!

Ceremony & Reception: Cas Xorc, Sóller, Illes Balears, Spain

We always love to know a bit about our couples and why they choose to get married where the do. Since our groom Michael was born on the magical island of Mallorca, it made perfect sense for he and his gorgeous wife Sarah to host their special day there in front of their nearest and dearest.

One thing you are pretty much guaranteed in Mallorca is sun. Lots of sun. However it didn’t go quite to plan in the morning of the wedding our our couples looked anxiously out the window to see dark clouds hovering menacingly overhead. However, once we prepared for the ceremony the sun showed it’s head and we were in for a glorious bright and fun evening. The evening itself was such a fun occasion with the wedding band making sure everyone was off having fun on the dance floor. Clearly having Cas Xorc wedding in Mallorca means that you get such a cool wedding with party-loving people.

Let’s do it all again!